Start Your Channel on Hi-Curious Premium! 

Build Community

  1. Invite your current community to your private channel on Hi-Curious Premium (you can start with a free-to-join space).

  2. Decide if anyone in the community can post, or only you/admins.​​

  3. Go live to the entire Hi-Curious community a minimum of 1x/month.

  4. Livestream directly to your private channel for your members only.

  5. Provide tiered subscription access to  workshops, coaching, events, digital downloads, videos, podcasts.

Share Premium Cannabis Content

Everything you wish you could share on other platforms is uncensored & welcome here.


Teach people how to consume, share your tips and provide value for your audience that is impossible elsewhere. 

Kristen Yoder Cynical Stoner


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Monetize Your Work

  • Build out your subscription tiers to your premium content -- we recommend starting with a $4.20 community first, but there's no limit to what you can charge for your offerings.

  • Use our cannabis-friendly payment provider to accept debit and credit for your business.

  • Offer private livestreams to subscribers only (podcasts, workshops, Q&As).

  • Create robust communities where people support one another (even when you're on vacation).

  • Host up to 10 people on your livestream.

  • Offer content subscriptions for brand partners.

  • Participate in our brand ambassador program. 

  • Revenue Share: 70% creator // 30% hi-curious.

  • We pay you via 1099 // monthly.