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Cannabis Week Day 1 Raw Recap: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Updated: Nov 21

Hello from midway through MJBIZCON.

Thursday AMish Update From the Bed.

Some Vegas complaining (the bad & ugly):

  • Circa Hotel has an “all-day party vibe,” according to the front desk staff at 8:42 AM yesterday. All day party vibe is apparently defined as a hard thumping boots and cats bass that Kady Cravens can feel in her body parts while trying to sleep. Who is awake in Vegas at 8:42?

  • At 7 AM this morning, the hotel was evacuated due to a fire drill???? I was dressed and in the stairwell on the 19th floor when I saw some security people who said it was a test and they were shutting off the alarms. See my Instagram for a video of the flashing lights that stayed on during the next 30 mins.

  • Also there’s no Wi-Fi or cell service in the hotel. We paid for the high speed internet and I can’t even use apps on my phone much less the internet. Hence this blog post instead of making shorter form content.

  • Not attending the actual conference is the best decision for me. I could definitely walk the floor and meet businesses who need the Hi-Curious creator marketplace, but it is so over-stimulating and draining for me. I struggle to have one conversation while hearing others at the same time. And, to be honest, I’ve yet to make an important connection on a conference expo floor in any industry. It’s always been very surface level. So to preserve my mental health, I‘m opting to only take meetings and go to events I was invited to.

Ok the good stuff:

  • I’ve been working with Kady Cravens for almost a year and meeting her in person has been incredible. She’s one of the most authentic people I’ve ever met. She is not the box-checking SOP lady you’d expect, and she’s building an empire that I’m excited to be becoming a bigger part of.

  • Last night’s E3 party:

  • The venue had a consumption area. I always think it’s strange how much of an alcohol culture the cannabis industry is. And, most of the time there’s no weed available. The party had a well-lit consumption area with tables and chairs!! Before I learned to “go past the pool” me and a few other “stoners” were told to smoke in the parking lot. But, then, I learned about the smoker’s lounge and was delighted to sesh with friends without trying to hide.

  • Everyone I wanted to meet was there. Thanks to the success of BuildMySOP this past year, Kady was able to provide tickets to all of my dearest LinkedIn connections.

  • The party had yummy food! And places to sit and talk. I got to really learn about the people I “see” every day on LinkedIn. I met new people and got (and hopefully gave) great advice.

  • I was able to listen to what people do and talk about this industry that lights us all up (pun intended). I got to think about other people’s business challenges and share mine.

  • A live band! 2 DJs! The vibe was great. People were dancing!!

  • Free bottled water. This is huge for me as someone who doesn’t consume alcohol very often. Drinking water keeps me going all night.

  • 1 AM is my Vegas curfew. I love the party, but I have learned to leave it on a high note. I was all excited to go to karaoke but shifted gears to get in and out and get in bed by 1.

  • Self care is key. I can go all day, but it doesn’t produce the best version of me. So, lying in bed today getting physically and mentally prepared for tonight is strange for this reforming hustler. But, I know I’ll be ready for another epic night tonight.

Stay tuned for more updates or check out my Instagram stories for more in the moment content.

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