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High! I'm Amy and I live in the fabulous 🎲Las Vegas. I am a retired bartender and hairstylist who swam in alcohol and bad habits. For over 3 years now I have chose to educate myself on how to properly consume cannabis to enhance my workouts and overall well being. It not only changed my mind, but it changed my body. When it comes to health, I believe in a healthy mind and body as they work together and are equally important.

I am a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach and I help others discover the many benefits cannabis can add to your health and fitness routine. There is so much more to cannabis than just the infamous THC and CBD we all know and love. If used properly and with intention, cannabis and/or hemp can be an effective tool in your wellness journey. Benefits such as, appetite control, focus in the gym, pre workout anxiety, elevated mood, better sleep and muscle relief pre and post workout. This also allows for the opportunity for to break the stigma around cannabis that ultimately relates to unmotivated and lazy individuals.

I am looking to grow the cannabis community in a more health conscience way. The ultamite dream is to have a cannabis infused gym, lets make this happen! With consumption lounges now going into effect, this allows for HUGE growth! 👏🏽 If this is something that aligns with your brand, then lets work together🤩

I love creating fun reels and videos, esthetically pleasing graphic design and eye catching content, that engages your followers and leaves them coming back for more of what you have to offer.

I am looking to work with brands that align with the following✌🏽

🌿Promote a healthy body and mind from the inside out with proper cannabinoid and terpene balance

🌿Is looking to branch out in other regions

🌿On a mission to break the lazy stoner stigma

🌿Encourages cannabis use as a tool to elevate your physical health.

🌿Cannabis clothing brands or activewear

🌿CBD health and wellness products

🌿Health conscience smoking accessories

🌿Skin and Hair care

Lets break the stigma one plant and dumbbell at a time. ✌🏽🌿🦾

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Nutrition and Fitness Coaching

Gym Bud-EZE by Amy Gifford

Let's Toke & Tone! If fitness isn’t fun, I’m out!! Lets get fit and have fun doing it 🤘🏽🤸🏽‍♀️

✨My coaching offers everything in the Iron and Herb App for easy accessibility.

🔥Weekly check ins with me
🔥Accountability & Motivation
🔥1 on 1 Nutrition coaching with weekly adjustments
🔥Personalized workouts to fit your schedule and individual goals.
🔥Access to over 50 workouts and recipes
🔥Delicious Infused Mocktail Recipes

If you are looking to change your body composition or just looking to balance your nutrition for a life long healthier relationship with food, than my coaching is for you! And all with the help of CANNABIS! 💚

I cant wait to help you along your health and fitness journey! Lets get Ripped🦾💨

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Product Review & Training Sesh

Gym Bud-EZE by Amy Gifford

I want my content filled with quality product I love and can rave about to others. With this offer I will create a workout reel, short or video promoting your product.💚

🦾The workout will be based around the feel that your product will provide for me and future buyers. I will educate your followers on how and why cannabis can be beneficial for elevated physical performance and how to utilize your product for their next training session.

✨If you provide edibles, flower with high terpene count, elixirs or any product that promotes energy or focus for a workout I would love to include it into my videos.

✨This also includes but is not limited to cannabis clothing, skincare, smoking/vaping accessories and more.

✨Price includes 1 video with the option to post on multiple platforms.

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