2x your ROI with copywriting

Rudy Brown

E-com Copywriter; I help CBD companies 2x their ROI with data-driven web copy.

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Uplift your Sales with Email Copywriting

2x your ROI with copywriting by Rudy Brown

LOOKING for a copywriter?

Welcome to my profile. Hi, I’m Rudy. I'm an E-com conversion copywriter. I focus on writing email flows/series/campaigns.

I use a process based on studies in human decision-making to write your email copy, so there’s no guessing. Copywriting is the simplest, fastest, most cost-effective way to supercharge your CTR, ROI, and LTV. Implement, earn, learn, and repeat.

Did You Know?

Almost 70% of shopping carts are abandoned on average, but 69% more orders happen when you send multiple abandoned cart emails.

How I Craft your Email Copywriting (6 Steps)

1. I'll compile all the "before" data.
2. Do the research.
3. Craft the copy.
4. Present it to you.
5. Implement the campaign.
6. Present the sales increase and what we've learned about your buyers.

In addition to crafting the email campaigns/series/newsletter:

-I'll manage the email list database.
-I'll make improvements to the email series based on the data.

We’ll be able to make informed decisions about current and future email campaigns that'll skyrocket your CTOR, RPS, and SAC.

What's stopping you from banking off your email list?

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