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I'm Kendrra from StreetratDraws, your local cannabis artist. I'm a graphic designer that has worked with cannabis art since 2017, and a fine arts painter that has been painting portraits since 2013. As a chronic pain thriver, I'm happy to have found my home and community in the cannabis industry!

I offer custom art creations, art livestreams, meditative art experiences, and inspiring art featuring vibrant rainbow colors and strong goddess-like women. Lets make some stoney art together today!

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Cannabis Coloring Pages

Streetrat Art Chat by StreetratDraws

Enjoy your high time with relaxing and meditative coloring pages, delivered virtually every month. Print and color as many times as you like.

from $4.20

Live Painting at Virtual Events

Streetrat Art Chat by StreetratDraws

Virtual events and business meetings can be dull, and viewers have a hard time remaining focused and engaged. Hire me to create a painting Live during your event, and watch your viewer retention and enjoyment skyrocket!

Painting during virtual events is non-intrusive and silent, perfect for helping your viewers stay visually engaged while not distracting them from the messages being conveyed. Watching art being made is also incredibly relaxing, and can help your viewers feel at ease over long meeting times.

I can create a painting based on a theme you'd like to emphasize for the event, and I aim to have all artwork completed in the duration of the event so you get to enjoy the whole process on screen.

Price covers one event per month, two hours per event- please reach out if you are interested in coverage for more events.

from $120

Livestream Sponsor Ad

Streetrat Art Chat by StreetratDraws

Word-of-mouth marketing is the best way to reach your audience on an authentic level, but audiences are burned out on watching influencers cash in on affiliate marketing programs. Livestream sponsorships feel more authentic to viewers, and can provide a consistent yet engaging dialogue around your product or business.

Each week I'll take a few minutes during my Livestreams on Twitch to talk about your business or offer. Your name will be listed in a scrolling feed that is always visible during my livestreams.

I currently stream from 12-24 hours each month, with your name visible the entire time. My channel is swiftly growing, currently with 30-50 unique viewers reached each stream. Current sponsors have become well-known fan favorites in my community, and we make it a point to mention and thank them as a collective during each stream.

I'm happy to work with you on how to best integrate your name, brand, and focused call to action into my livestreams for the best possible outcome for your brand.

from $42

Graphic Design Retainer

Streetrat Art Chat by StreetratDraws

Sometimes you need an artist, but you're not sure for how long! It can be tough to know how big a project will become, but you don't need to worry about that with an artist on retainer!

I'll be available for any kind of artistic work for 40 hours throughout the month. This might include logo, website or branding design work, promotional materials, newsletter compilation, social media visual content, creating educational or teaching materials, product art design, editorial visual assets, and so much more.

from $1,200