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Instagrammer, Social Media Manager, Video Editor, Instagrammer, Blogger, UGC, Copywriter, Influencer
<5K followers including people who are new to cannabis

Specializing in organic growth and content creation for cannabis brands, I am passionate about helping both local and international businesses thrive in this ever-evolving industry. With a deep understanding of the algorithm and its nuances, I craft data-driven strategies to maximize reach and engagement.

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Content Creation Community

Normal Moms Club by Mallory

Access to private group chat with weekly content tips, Instagram insights, and updated algorithm changes

Time limited offer. Expired. Consider extending the offer.
from $4.20

Static Post Creation

Normal Moms Club by Mallory

Brant content creation;
static post
product photography
one story post

product or service to be provided a gratis

Time limited offer. Expired. Consider extending the offer.
from $75


Normal Moms Club by Mallory

A weekly reel or post (4 per month)

Your product/service will also be in 1 livestream every other week

5 story posts a week

5 UGC photos for brand use monthly.

from $700


Normal Moms Club by Mallory

6 instagram reels/posts per month

5 Instagram stories per week

Weekly Instagram story series (3 posts) for in-depth coverage of your product/service

Included in weekly live session

Quarterly Q&A live about your brand.

from $1,000

Live Q&A (new offer special)

Normal Moms Club by Mallory

An instagram Live featuring your product, brand or service.

Here we will go on Live and you can tell me and my followers about what you have to offer!

I will promote the live with a post on my feed, and daily stories for up to 3 weeks!

Before our live, we will meet and come up with a list of questions I can ask you!

At the end of the Live, we will give listeners a chance to ask their questions.

Price goes up after 10 sold

from $175


Normal Moms Club by Mallory

Send me your product and I will go live on Instagram and unbox it.

Additionally; I will create one reel starring your product.

After this introductory offer, we will follow up to create a meaningful partnership.

from $150


Normal Moms Club by Mallory

I create two reels a month starring your product or service.Reels will be posted to my page.

I will also include you in 3 stories per week for a total of 12 story posts during the month.

This content will be sent for you to use on your page

I will also include your brand in one live per month

from $500