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UGC, Copywriter
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Allow my canna-savvy business to give your company the edge it's been looking for by delivering:

~User-generated content (UGC)
~Content Writing
~Blog writing
~Voiceover Production

By building brand awareness, and creating new and repeat customers, I can align with your customer base and convert sales for your company.

My name is Breanna and I run a multimedia business called Bohemian Trove. My professional career in this industry has given me the experience and skills necessary to undertake projects and collaborate with other businesses. With a passion for holistic healing and years of experience in the cannabis industry, my team is highly qualified.

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Conscious Cannabyss Club

A MultiMedia Marketing & Content Creation Company by Mystic Mommy

Looking for guidance on cannabis consumption and a conscious way to connect with the plant for your wellness?

Would you be willing to learn about the plant and how to plan for/own your experiences in your wellness journey with cannabis?

Join my community here on Hi-Curious where I will share weekly educational content about cannabis!

You receive:
~Exclusive access to live streams for Q&As and my dispensary hauls
~Ability to share your experiences with my support and others in the group
~Personal access to me as your private cannabis consultant

To be clear, I am not a medical professional and this is not medical advice. I will provide you with consulting services to support your wellness journey with cannabis!

In addition to communing with canna, we'll discuss wellness techniques, spirituality, and how it ties into cannabis.

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from $21.99

Educational Content

A MultiMedia Marketing & Content Creation Company by Mystic Mommy

With cannabis on the rise, a lot of newcomers have questions about...well everything!

I create short & sweet Q&A educational videos about common questions new consumers have for your business's Youtube channel, website, or social media!

As a budtender, I offer insights daily on FAQs like “What is a Sativa?” ” and I am eager to educate your consumers!

On a monthly basis, I could provide:

•4 short FRESH informational videos, with or without corresponding infographics, and captions curated with SEO in mind.
•These videos will also be published on my platforms to boost your brand awareness

(1 spot available per month)

from $350

CannaMom Chronicles: Product Review Videos

A MultiMedia Marketing & Content Creation Company by Mystic Mommy

Let me review/demonstrate/showcase your wellness products!

I will create a compelling, insightful, and authentic testimonial video with information about the product that consumers want to know as well as my own feedback. Any and all ideas and parameters you request will be taken into consideration!

The offer includes:

•2 videos per month that could easily be posted to your company’s YouTube channel, website, Instagram, or Facebook page. (approx. 3 mins or less)
•Product Promotion and Presentation
•Caption writing to guide viewers to your business with hashtags and SEO in mind
•These reviews will also be published on my platforms to boost your brand awareness.

from $420