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HI Curious People!
My name is Sam and I am an Instagram content creator. I have a small online spiritual shop where I make ritual candles that also look good as home decor. I enjoy making content for my own products and I would love to share my passion to create something that will capture your audiences eye. I live a life of aesthetic and spirituality. I aim to inspire others to find a spiritual practice that is true and authentic to you because you yourself are authentic and can lead a high vibrational life.
I will create something that fits your vibe and personality to showcase your favorite products or strains!

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Aesthetic Content Collages

Samstetic Collages by Samantha

This offer will include any of your choosing to spotlight a product, flower, and/or specific project:

- 2 Seamless Carousel Posts for Instagram
- 2 Reel Videos
- Or all 4

I will get to know your personal style and personality so that your content really speaks to your authenticity.

Or if you would like to put your trust in me, I will use my own creative eye to make your posts special.

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