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I am a content creator/ influencer in California. I won the 1st place award for “BEST MAKEUP ARTIST” at the 2023 CA Cannabis awards music festival and placed 3rd in 2022.
I spend my time working as a Brand ambassador and Dabtender, as well as, running a small business where I create unique, handmade apparel and smoking accessories.

I love working with all types of brands and pride myself in giving my followers honest reviews.
I offer different options and can help your brand achieve view from its targeted audience. I am willing to work with your brand and budget.

What we can create:
-photos with my accessories ( great for flower/ joint companies)
-YouTube video (Asmr, vlog, review, day in the life ft. “Your brand”,)
-story post
-take your brand with me to an event
-social media management

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Day in the life vlog/ take you to an event

Itsjanked_juju by Julia

With this I can bring your brand along with me to Californias hottest events. From wellness events, to industry events, to farmers markets and more. My weekends are always booked with both industry events and small business events where I find all the smokers with my handmade accessories. Here I can showcase your brand and find your target audience based on your product and message. This package will include a YouTube vlog + story posts + in person referrals.

from $80

The whole Shabang

Itsjanked_juju by Julia

With this you will get
- story post
- reel
- YouTube video
-in person referrals
Together we can create the type of videos to captivate and educate the audience to help them find your brand.

from $100

Reel post and story review.

Itsjanked_juju by Julia

This option is great because you get a permanent post as well as a review post on my story where it is very active with replies.
You can help choose the reel post you’d like.
-transition (I use your product to create a makeup transition)
-vlog style ( I show myself using your product during a sesh/ on a day out)
- vibe video( I use your product and create a wellness/ relaxing vibe to go with your product)
-viral (I use your product and one viral sound to create a video to fit in with the target audience)

from $45

Be featured on my story!

Itsjanked_juju by Julia

Your brand can be featured in my story. This means you will get access to my daily followers who look to me for reviews on products and updates on my daily activities. I am very active on my IG stories and followers ask for daily updates and reviews on products they’d like to try. This means you will find your target audience faster since they will be able to follow along in “real time” or the ability to follow the brand for future updates.

from $25