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High Society Mama
Instagrammer, TikTokker
25K-100K followers including cannabis consumers, cannabis businesses, people who are new to cannabis, wellness consumers, women 21-30, women 30-45, Moms, Women, Creators, Millennials

Partner with me to reach the most powerful creatures on earth: CANNAMOMS!

My highly engaged audience of over 150K women join my community and stay in. CannaMOMs have the power to change the minds of the next generation.

That means we help each other decide what to buy, what to smoke (and, sometimes how not to smoke), where to spend our hard earned cash, and where not to.

I work with brands I believe in to make inspiring content that moves my audience to take action.

My bio traces back to when I built my spirits sales business through social media. I have applied my knowledge of regulated industries to cannabis, and do my best to skirt right up close to guidelines.

I aim to educate, entertain and engage and I am looking for brand partners who are looking to let a creative do her thing with her audience.

Check out my offers and all of my pages.

Here are a few types of products & services that make sense for my community:
- Ancillary cannabis products available through e-commerce
- Events/Conferences for Women
- Fitness & Festival Attire Brands
- Wellness Brands
-Products & dispensaries in Illinois and Michigan

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55K CannaMoms: Your Brand Video

HSM Brand Collabs by High Society Mama

My reels usually reach a minimum of 5000 people and many have gone viral!

I will post your brand video as a reel on my page for up to one month.

from $300

The Package Deal

HSM Brand Collabs by High Society Mama

I will produce a creative content package to meet your messaging goals and engage my audience.

(1) Creatively concepted reel that generates awareness and demand for your product or service.
(1) Still wall post with collaboration
(2) Story posts (one with me talking about the product and one using your brand creative.

from $1,000

Star in My Reels

HSM Brand Collabs by High Society Mama

My reels often go "viral for me" which is over 100K views, and many of my reels have gotten over 500K views and even over 1 million!

I will creatively incorporate your product into one of my reels and post it to my page for as long as it continues to perform.

We can discuss your creative ideas ahead of time, and I will recommend the best way to help your product and message reach the most cannabis customers on Instagram.

You may also use this content for up to one year on your business website, and share it to your own social media channels.

from $750

Slip Into My Stories

HSM Brand Collabs by High Society Mama

My stories are watched intently by thousands of women who are learning about themselves and the cannabis plant.

My Instagram stories are my personal diary. I share the highs and lows of being a cannabis pioneer. I engage my audience with my travels, mom tips, cannabis tips, new products I love, how I'm feeling and how I am medicating.

You can get into my stories and reach this highly engaged segment of my audience.

I will give your content great placement among other engaging content, tag you to share to your stories, and link to anywhere you would like to drive traffic.

from $175

Instagram Feed Post

HSM Brand Collabs by High Society Mama

Send me your products and I will post a creative photo that includes me with a caption about your product and a call to action to buy.

I will create this post as a "collaboration" with your Instagram page to increase page views.

from $500