The Healing Collective

Ganja Guidance

“Where Consciousness Meets Cannabis.”

Hello all! My name is Ganja Guidance and I’m a Cannabis Coach and Cannabis Informed Postpartum Doula championing the choice of utilizing cannabis as a form of wellness and self care. Join me as I discuss how cannabis use can change over time, being more conscious and intentional about use and how it can be a tool and resource to be the best version of yourself. 💚

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The Healing Collective by Ganja Guidance

T.H.C. is a podcast community that aims to bring mindfulness to having an intentional and conscious relationship with cannabis by championing inclusivity and providing a safe space in sharing stories, education and experience in the choice to utilize plant medicine. I will be hosting various people within the cannabis community to discuss the various pathways to cannabis and how experience is one of our greatest teachers in this space.

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Canna Coaching

The Healing Collective by Ganja Guidance

I will provide 2 1 on 1 coaching sessions per month to assist in fostering a healthy relationship with cannabis consumption as well as providing educational resources for confidently speaking with a medical professional regarding cannabis use and what products may be best. Will use the “Canna Journal” which is included in purchase for basis of discussion and guidance.

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