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Farjad Ahmad

I am remote video editor and provide video production services around the globe.
Videos are a great way of digital marketing, not only to sell your products but informations aswell in the form of podcasts, tutorials.
feel free to reach out if you want to save your time and still reach out to the will from all social media platforms or websites.

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Video Editing/Post production

Farjad Films by Farjad Ahmad

High end video post productions services include video editing of raw footage.
How it works : the client is just required to record him/herself (talking heads) and share the raw footage which will then be converted into professional looking videos including sound design, graphics, titles, intros, outros etc.
Long term contracts are also welcomed.
Ofcrs these post production service are not limited to podcasts or talking heads but also video ads, sports highlights, news, shortfilms etc.

from $1,000


Farjad Films by Farjad Ahmad

Hello Every one, i provide video editing services for youtube shorts, Facebook/IG Ads, IG Reels and any Short Form Content. This content includes product Ads or sort of information ads. 2-3 shorts per week is good strategy to engage YT/IG algorithm.

from $450

Thumbnails/Posts/ Designs

Farjad Films by Farjad Ahmad

The important part of the video content is how we show our content,
Do not under esteimate the power of thumbnails. Similarly Posts, YT banners, Pamphlets etc. Different names but the Aim is same... To make your information visually attractive.
So dont rely on Videos only. Give viwers a reason to click on the videos.

from $300