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Influencer, Social Media Manager
5K-10K followers including cannabis consumers, cannabis businesses, people who are new to cannabis, wellness consumers, women 30-45, BIPOC, LatinX, Moms, Women, Creators, Millennials

Hi! I’m Krystale, I’m a founding partner and creative director at Hi-Curious. I’m also a licensed Cosmetologist, wife, mother, sister and friend. I believe cannabis is a wellness supplement.

I want to change the way people talk about the plant and help break stigmas!

As a content creator, I love to work with cannabis brands, beauty, and wellness brands all while creating fun, educational and creative videos. I do a lot of IG Reel Style content! From makeup videos, fun dance videos, education, mom life content, and more! I have over 3K followers on Instagram. I’ve worked with brands like Tribe Tokes, Chill Steel Pipes, Boundless Tech, Gpen, KenAhBus, and Pantry to name just a few.

I also enjoy creating fun and simple graphics for flyers or static post as well! Let’s discuss your needs! Check out what I have to offer!

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IG Content bundle

KO Media Creations by Krystale

Using your product I'll create

3 Reel Style Videos and tag your brand (1 collaboration) Video length can be from 5 secs- apx 1 min
5 story post with Tag

from $500

Pretty & Lit feature

KO Media Creations by Krystale

Get featured in one of my Pretty & lit makeup short video series on IG Reels! (apx 1- 1.5 mins in length)
-I'll use your product and feature it in one of my makeup tutorial videos. You must send me product @ your cost, if I do not have it already but would like to be featured.)

-Products image will also be featured on my IG Reel cover image.
-I will tag you and your brand on my IG Caption.
This will also include one story post with your brands tag.

from $300

Dispensary Partnership

KO Media Creations by Krystale

This partnership offer entails the following benefits:

I will generate up to three story posts aimed at promoting your dispensary's sales, products, or other offerings. Additionally, I will produce two captivating Reel-style videos 📽️that creatively showcase your products to engage my audience effectively. If your profile allows collaborations, I am willing to collaborate with you on these videos and tag your Instagram account accordingly.

🚨To ensure content relevance, the client should provide any specific talking points they wish to incorporate into the content.

🚨For the creation of content, the dispensary client will supply the necessary products at no cost to me. It is important that the provided products align with my preferred consumption methods.

Further details and specific requirements will be discussed, and if necessary, the client will create a contractual agreement outlining the terms of our partnership.

from $300

Content Sharing

KO Media Creations by Krystale

With this offer you will have authorized use to 1 Reel content piece for use on your own social media page(s). You agree to tag me as the original creator.
Content will be sent to client via email and a download link.

from $200

Social Media Managment - New Clients

KO Media Creations by Krystale

I will create 20+ pieces of original content (videos, stills, carousels/ infographics)

I will also manage one social media platform by posting 3-5 times a week via feed post, in stories, sharing reels, building relationships for your business through content curation, tagging and engagement.

from $750

Social Media Management -Not accepting new clients

KO Media Creations by Krystale

**Reserved and this pricing is not available**

from $600

Brand Content Elevation Partner-Not Accepting New Clients-

KO Media Creations by Krystale

-Offer is RESERVED for MJC-

from $150

Chill Steel Pipes Exclusive

KO Media Creations by Krystale

Exclusive offer reserved for Chill Steel Pipes ONLY

from $500

SSCBD Exclusive offer

KO Media Creations by Krystale

exclusive offer only for SSCBD.

from $375