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Tawne Bachus
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Welcome to the Cannabis Drafthouse!

It's where the Cannabis Industry goes to get things drafted.

Providing 6 years of Cannabis Industry Management Experience + 4 years of Cannabis SOX compliance... to help jump your supply chain, operations and marketing hurdles.

Services include, but are not limited to:
1. Cannabis Consulting.
2. Excel Templates... to streamline your business.
3. Reports... that let data tell the story.
4. Business Plans + Financial Planning.
5. Content/Articles... from a Connoisseur's Perspective.
6. BOMs and COGS management.
7. Cultivation + Forecast Planning.
8. Inventory Control, Warehouse + Supply Chain Planning.
9. Retail Planning + Stock Replenishment.
10. KPI's, Aging & Expiring, Category Management, Demand Planning, Inventory Management, Sales History and Sales Velocity.

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Business Plans + Financial Forecasts

Cannabis Drafthouse by Tawne Bachus

Business Plan and Excel Templates provided.

5 year Financial Forecast included.

All business sizes, types and models are welcome (including Multi-State with SOX requirements, as well as Single Grows or Shops).

Price includes initial set-up consultation and delivery of 2 templates (one in Word and one in Excel).

Also... feel free to visit us on Instagram @CannabisDrafthouse (

Or... send questions to

from $1,500

Excel Templates

Cannabis Drafthouse by Tawne Bachus

Excel Templates to help you understand and streamline your business.

Let your data tell you a story.

Examples include:
Aging + Expiring
Brand + Category Management
Daily Inventory Movement
Daily Sales
Inventory Replenishment (current inventory + sales velocity)
Physical Inventory Audits (barcode scanning or rfid helpful)
Planting/Cloning + Harvest Schedules (based on sales velocity)
Sales Demand
Sales History
Sales Velocity
Strain Management (based on sales velocity)
* Production Planning handled separately.

Also... feel free to visit us on Instagram @CannabisDrafthouse (

Or... send questions to

from $300