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Video Editor, Instagrammer, YouTuber, Photographer, Blogger, Journalist, TikTokker, Social Media Manager, UGC, Copywriter, Graphic Artist, Influencer, Podcaster
25K-100K followers including cannabis consumers, cannabis businesses, people who are new to cannabis, wellness consumers, women 21-30, women 30-45, women 50+, men, BIPOC, LatinX, Moms, Dads, Women, Creators, Millennials, GenX, GenZ, male, LGBTQueer

Know you need content marketing, but not sure where to start? Here are some simple content packages to get your business up and running on social media and "turn the lights on."

You choose the services that your business is ready for, and we match with the people to help you tell your story.

We'll also help you develop your content strategy and calendar because we know your content will do better when you have these!

Let's GROW!

Feel free to reach out at the "message" button above or send an email to

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LinkedIn Accelerator

Awesome Content Packages by Hi-Curious

The LinkedIn Accelerator is a comprehensive marketing solution designed to optimize your LinkedIn presence, build your network, and establish your leadership voice, with one monthly blog posts and weekly maintenance to drive business growth.

-Dedicated point of contact
-1 Original LinkedIn Newsletter Post
that is relevant to your business + the current landscape.
-Weekly Tune-Ups
-1-3x Week Community Posting, Engagement on your behalf
-Post recommendations, tags, follow recommendations, strategic introductions.

from $750

Turn Your Instagram "Lights On"

Awesome Content Packages by Hi-Curious

A complete Instagram marketing solution that includes:
-20+ curated and original posts per month across all instagram formats
- personalized support for your Instagram handle
- including influencer and creator outreach
-content creation, and analytics

Ensure you're reaching your target audience and driving engagement with the cannabis community on Instagram.

If you are an e-commerce brand this is a MUST!

from $750

Podcast + more than 20 social media posts

Awesome Content Packages by Hi-Curious

We create the topics with your business in mind, help you secure a guest and produce a 20-45 minute VODcast that spotlights your business.

Pre-Show - 2 graphic posts to promote podcast
Show - All you do is click a link, we do the rest, go live to LinkedIn!
Post Show
- (5) one-minute highlights from the VODcast
-Cleaned up audio/video for podcast posting and YouTube
1-3 Blog Posts from transcript
Up to 10 graphic images based on blog posts.

*does not include social media posting or management, asset delivery only*

from $2,500

1 City Micro-Influencer Collaboration

Awesome Content Packages by Hi-Curious

Take the stress out of finding the creators your business needs to reach its customers!

We do the research and find creators and influencers that fit your brand and budget.

We provide a proposal of who we recommend you work with and make sure they deliver content that reaches your customer and drives sales.

Minimum investment, $500 -- Hi-Curious will keep 30%, and apply the rest to creators we custom source for you.

If you're a local dispensary, or brand, this is for you!

from $500

Custom Offer: Build My SOP Sept.

Awesome Content Packages by Hi-Curious


from $750

National Influencer Collaboration

Awesome Content Packages by Hi-Curious

Hi-Curious to help you find creators in multiple states to promote your ancillary, CBD or hemp-derived products.

from $1,000

Stundenglass/Gpen Custom 3

Awesome Content Packages by Hi-Curious

As described in email

from $950

Qveen Herby Platinum

Awesome Content Packages by Hi-Curious

Gift Bag Inclusion/Setting-right placement
5 thank you posts
3 hi res images
1 product-specific reel

includes access to all events during the retreat (no sleepover).

from $1,500

Qveen Herby Silver

Awesome Content Packages by Hi-Curious

Gift bag inclusion
1 thank you post
1 hi-res photo

from $900