BKC Brand Collabs

Bradley King Creator

I'm looking for great brands to share with my 1.8 million followers on Instagram.

My stories alone get 50K views!!!

I built my amazing cannabis community during the pandemic. I help people, especially the Queer community, build a positive relationship with cannabis.

Check out my offers to see my brand packages. I look forward to working with you!

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Get Into My Stories

BKC Brand Collabs by Bradley King Creator

I have an amazing, supportive community. Many days, 50K people watch my stories!

What You Get:
2 story posts:
(1) short video of me talking about your brand
(1) video or image of your choice with a CTA and link to your website.

from $500

BKC -- Original Content Package

BKC Brand Collabs by Bradley King Creator

When I make videos promoting my favorite brands they often get over 500K views and some go viral

Here's what you get:
(1) Reel made by me, and starring me (we can use the "collaborate" function on Reels to drive followers to your page).
(1) Instagram feed post (up to 3 slide carousel about your brand)
(2) Story Posts (one with me in it talking about your product, one piece of your content)
Inclusion in a livestream

from $2,500

Promote Your Video

BKC Brand Collabs by Bradley King Creator

1) I will post your brand video on my page as a reel (a recent partner got 360K views on their video)
2) I'll share it to my 50K daily story viewers

(notes: that this does not include me creating anything for you, I take your content and post it to my page. Also, your content is guaranteed to stay on my wall for one month.)

from $250

My Favorite Brands

BKC Brand Collabs by Bradley King Creator

The intent with this offer is to build meaningful partnerships with brands I really love.

I know my audience prefers that I authentically partner with brands, so here's an offer to be a part of the brands I use and share every day.

Here's what you get (this is a great deal, and ideally you also ship me lots of product to use!)
1. at least one story post including your product and tagging you per month.
2. natural inclusion in my reels (up to 3 per month)

this is perfect for vape brands, for accessories like bongs, etc.

Let's sell your product organically every single month.

from $1,500