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Giselle Hatch

My name is, Giselle, an Aquarian stronghold and I reside in Alaska. A mother of two, a strong-headed woman to myself, a wife, and a caretaker. I am the woman of many hats like most of us are.
Here we will be delving into the medicinal values of our largest organ- our skin! I run a small business that mainly sorts the highest-quality of essential oils, tinctures, and cannabis. Sometimes the most beneficial way for our body to digest a nutrient is through the skin.
I will eventually incorporate some occult sciences within our work. I truly believe everything is interconnected and we must constantly look beneath the surface. I find myself immersed in the occult sciences as well as scholarly science articles, constantly trying to find patterns and interconnectivity. There is more than you think!
My purpose is to find somewhere that I can teach and help others and with that, we all heal together and create a more definitive resilience and support network.

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Apothecary & Metaphysical

Bears Essentials Apothecary by Giselle Hatch

Integrating the physical realm of possibilities of healing and insight with the unknown realm of which we may not be able to see but we can feel. Lets help you become more self-sufficient with your own lotions and potions while providing a space for deep thought.

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