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Are you looking for an educated and certified cannabis creator to help bring your products, brand, or company to the next level? Look no further because I have you covered.

Curated Work Available (but not limited to)
Blog Posts/Articles: product/brand or topic specific
Infographics: product/brand or topic specific
Lifestyle Product Photography & Copy
Product Reviews: educational copy, video, and photos

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With multiple certifications from online cannabis education platforms and my certificate in Cannabis Healthcare and Medicine being completed this December 2022, the content I curate will have an edge over most influencer content on the market due to its added educational component. Recent trends show the medicinal consumer traditionally spends more than the adult use consumer per month at their local dispensaries. So what are you waiting for? Build trust and brand loyalty by ensuring they get the best information possible about your products and their potential benefits.

Not only am I a writer for brands and dispensaries, a cannabis content creator, and business owner, I also work with people on their cannabis journey to help them understand the relationship between the human body and cannabis. With clients spanning from the everyday person, to highly physically active individuals, professional athletes (active & retired), NBA Champions, Superbowl Champions, and everything in between, helping people find a better quality of life is what drives me.

Enjoy one of my favorite singers in the video below until I finish curating my welcome video. :)

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Product Feature (Social Media)

ask.ashley by Ashley

Want to showcase your product, brand, or company in an organic way along with an educational curated copy? In the product feature package I will go over not just the details about your brand’s product, but also what that all means to the consumer in regards to the relationship between cannabis and the human body. There will also be a mix of my experience with the product(s) as well as how it can be incorporated into your everyday lifestyle with ease. This offer includes: 2 Instagram posts with a minimum of two photos each as well as 2 story posts over a two week period of time to help keep the product(s) fresh in people’s minds.

Time limited offer. Expired. Consider extending the offer.
from $200

Join the Sunday Sesh Community!

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Each Sunday we will discuss a topic in the cannabis community in an effort to help fully educate consumers on the many cannabis products that are available in the market today. Not all products are created equal or the same, and understanding the differences is key to more successful and conscious therapeutic sessions.
Each Sunday a newsletter will be emailed to you chock-full of educational content to help you learn and grow your cannabis knowledge.
As someone who works in the cannabis industry, having more knowledge will help you tailor campaigns in unique ways to hone in on sections of the market you may be missing.

from $42

Educational Blog Post or Article

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Dive deep into cannabis and the human body through engaging written content! These can be focused on a product, brand, or topic and will be infused with educational components to help consumers become educated and conscious consumers. When people feel confident in their understanding of what they are doing they are comfortable, and brand loyalty with more successful therapeutic sessions follow. Work will include cited sources when needed.

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from $150

Infused Lifestyle Photos & Content

ask.ashley by Ashley

What do consumers want to see when scrolling through social media and/or online publications? Relatability. As humans we are more likely to “keep reading” when something is relatable and visually appealing. I will curate 5 images, each with a corresponding short copy with your brands products in use and in organic lifestyle settings. These images and written copy will be sent directly to you prior to me posting anything on my social media to keep the images new and fresh. You can request that these images only be used on your social media channels and never on mine.

Time limited offer. Expired. Consider extending the offer.
from $150