Antuanette Gomez


- Founder + CEO of Cannabis Sexual Wellness Brands
- Large cannabis consumer following in US + Canada
- International Cannabis Speaker
- Cannabis-friendly pricing.
- Fun + Educational content vibes
- 50+ Influencer Campaigns completed
- 10.7K Insta, 3K LinkedIn
A few things I love to do:
1) help cannabis businesses grow (marketing / mentoring)
2) make daily reels and include my favourite brands. (UGC + Content creation.)
3) develop LinkedIn thought-leadership.

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Product Photography

Antuanette Gomez by @antuanetteg

Professional shots using a DSLR to promote your brand using your products with myself as a model.

Includes 1 photo with editing.

from $130

UGC / Video Content

Antuanette Gomez by @antuanetteg

Options include;
- Educational Video
- Instagram Reel
- TikTok Video

Includes 1 video

from $180